To form a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade association that represents your state or region's home and building performance companies and professionals with a focus on organizing, leading and marketing new and existing opportunities and resources that support industry growth and end user adoption of the industry's products and services.

Click below for a 6-minute video describing the opportunity to form a Building Performance Association in your state.

Click here for a detailed presentation of how the South Carolina Building Performance Association (SCBPA) was recently organized.  The presentation offers tips and best practices for starting an association in other states.


State associations are needed to bring organization, leadership and planning to a growing industry that lacks centralized and coordinated communications, research, workforce development, consumer marketing and much more.


The associations are needed to represent companies and professionals working in America's new and existing / residential and commercial / energy efficiency, green, sustainable and high performance construction industries.

Click here to view short videos from NCBPA members about their positive experiences working with the association in North Carolina.


Member targets:

  • Home energy raters

  • Energy auditors

  • Performance contractors

  • Green builders

  • Insulators

  • Crawlspace contractors

  • Product and service providers


  • Bringing together and organizing industry stakeholders.

  • Offering standard, consistent and high-value services to members.

  • Providing product and service providers with more efficient and less costly  methods to engage with industry companies.

  • Providing consistency in career and workforce development opportunities with emerging and experienced industry professionals.

  • Bringing consistency in the planning, communication and implementation of events to reduce overlap and participation costs while improving effectiveness and value.

  • Standardizing business and technical policies and procedures for home and building construction and professional certifications and requirements.

  • Leading industry plans for advocacy and legislative work to resolve conflicts, identify priorities and organize participation opportunities.

  • Seeking opportunities to reduce the costs of companies and professionals to participate in the industry by reducing like certifications, standards and more.

  • Reducing overlap and duplicity in certifications for professionals, homes and buildings that increase costs and decrease consumer understanding.


Contact Ryan Miller, Founder & Executive Director of North Carolina Building Performance Association at Ryan@BuildingNC.org or 919-521-3385.


As a company or professional in America's building performance industry... ask yourself these important questions...


What local, state or national organization represents your business and professional interests?  


What benefits do they provide to you and  your company?


Does that organization represent ALL or a majority of your business, or only a part of it?


So when you really think about it... how much better, more efficient, profitable and productive would you and your company be with a state and national association that represented you the right way?

  • Indoor air quality contractors

  • Energy engineers

  • HVAC contractors

  • Water efficiency contractors

  • Architects

  • Real estate professionals

  • Lenders

  • Appraisers

  • Utilities

  • And many others

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